Welcome to ShareYourDVDs.com
Live as of 05/05/05!

The long awaited, often anticipated, launch of ShareYourDVDs.com has finally arrived.

What does that mean for you? Here's what you can now do:

This site is a place for you to join a group of your friends and track DVDs you borrow from each other. Once you sign in you can immediately start a new group or join an existing group started by someone you know. After you're in a group it's just a matter of entering the DVDs you own (and are willing to share). You can then browse the collection of available DVDs and request that the owner share one with you. The system will track everything so you'll never again have to worry about who borrowed your movie or whose move you have sitting on your shelf in the living room. From when you requested it, to when you borrowed it, to when you returned it, the system will track everything and email both parties so everyone knows what's going on. The only thing the system can't do is physically loan the DVD out... that part's up to you.

This site is basically a one man show, but I'm sharing it with the world. This is only the beginning and you should see improvements on a regular basis. Please keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and there may be some bugs. With that in mind, here are some things you'll need to know:

  • While I already have tons of ideas on ways to improve the site, I trully apprecaite any feedback you may have for me.
  • When it comes to problems or bugs, please let me know as soon as possible and I'll try to resolve them quickly. I can't make any firm commitments, but I will tell you that I will try and resolve any major problems as quickly as possible.
  • This site only works when you use it. In order to best use it you have to have your friends, family, and/or coworkers join. Anyone you would normally borrow a DVD from (or loan one to) is a good candidate to invite to join.
  • It will work best if each group of people is part of a differnt group. In other words, the ideal scenario is for every member of a group to know who the other people are. This is not supposed to be a way for you to loan DVDs to stranges (because I know I wouldn't want to.)
  • This is not intended to be a big money maker. However, I have chosen to use Amazon to support much of my site since I can get a lot of data from them and I get a small kick-back whenever you buy from them after going through this site. Is this a shameless plug to encourage you to buy your stuff from Amazon? Not necessarily. However, if you already are planning on buying through Amazon, I would ask that you come here first.
  • As you'll quickly see, I'm a programmer, not a web designer and certainly not a graphic artist. As such, this site is built for functionality, not to be pretty. The latter will come later. (I get a big kick out of that sentence.)
  • Please check back here often. I plan to put up a list of future features soon and as I already said, you should see regular improvements.

A special thanks to all the folks at FullNet for being the beta test group.

Enough small talk. This is what you're here for:

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